Marketing Video Producer

‘Your videos deserve more,’ 30 second version

Your videos deserve more

What? A campaign that utilized preexisiting Vimeo content to creatively illustrate the platform's tools and benefits.
Role? Supervising Producer

  • Point-of-contact for marketing and creative teams, as well as external vendors; created and managed deliverables list
  • Oversaw post-production, including the in-house editing process
  • Sourced custom music and sound effects; processed SOWs, W9s, and invoices

‘Vimeo live is here,’ 1:15 version

Vimeo Live

What? A campaign to launch Vimeo's new live streaming service.
Role? Video Editor & Post-Production Producer


  • Coordinated with marketing, product, and creative teams to get information necessary to completing and delivering project  
  • Completed edits and versioning (for various aspect ratios and languages)
  • Sourced contractors for animation and color-correction; prepared media, as well as traveled to their office to advise 

Campaign: Videos for Good

What? A passion-project-turned-content-marketing-series featuring Vimeo filmmakers that have leveraged their talents behind the camera to shift perspectives and inspire action.  
Role? Video Producer, Shooter, & Editor

This passion project, dreamt up by Sr. Editor & Content Strategist, Rachel Goldberg, quickly turned into my favorite bit of content to make for the company. We split the filmmaker sourcing and research duties, while Rachel did the majority of interviewing and I took the helm of all things video production (from shooting to editing). 

Here are some other videos I've worked on...